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  • Beste reistips voor op vakantie

    Best travel tips for holidays

    The holiday season is coming again. This is often a pleasant and relaxing period, but it can of course also be stressful. When you go on holiday you have to...

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  • Wat geef je iemand die op reis gaat?

    Wat geef je iemand die op reis gaat?

    Ken je iemand die binnenkort op reis gaat? Het maakt niet uit of dit een lange wereldreis of gewoon een paar weken zonvakantie is. Er zijn een aantal cadeaus die...

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  • Wat is USB-C?

    What is USB-C?

    USB-C is the smaller, faster and improved version of USB-C and USB-A. USB-C is slowly becoming the standard for all electronic devices. Regulations have also recently been introduced in the...

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MOJOGEAR is a Dutch brand specializing in smartphone accessories. We offer high quality products for a fair price. We’re very close with our production facility, where our products as well as our people are handled with care.

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