RØDE SC15 USB-C to Lightning cable for microphone (including Videomic NTG, Wireless Go II)

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RØDE SC15 USB-C to Lightning cable for microphone (including Videomic NTG, Wireless Go II)

RØDE SC15 USB-C to Lightning cable for microphone (including Videomic NTG, Wireless Go II)

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  • Connect USB-C microphone to iPhone or iPad. The RØDE SC15 allows you to connect a microphone with USB-C connection (such as the RØDE Wireless Go II or the VideoMic NTG) to the Lightning port of your iOS device.
  • Separated tracks. Send stereo sound to your smartphone or tablet. This way you can receive the two receivers of the Wireless Go II as two separate channels.
  • Digital connection. The SC15 sends the microphone signal digitally to your iPhone or iPad, so there is no chance of crackles in the sound.
  • Certified by Apple. The RØDE SC15 contains an official Applep chip. This cable is specially designed for MFi-certified USB-C microphones.
  • Suitable for iPhone and iPad. The RØDE SC15 is suitable for connecting your microphone to all Apple devices with a Lightning connection.


Would you like to connect your RØDE Wireless GO II or another microphone with USB-C connection to your iPhone or iPad? The RØDE SC15 is especially designed to connect MFi-certified USB-C microphones to iOS devices.

The RODE SC15 is a 30 cm (12 inches) high quality audio cable and is perfect for enhancing audio records with your iPhone or iPad.

This cable is suitable for the following microphones:

  • RØDE Wireless GO II
  • RØDE Videomic NTG microphone

When using the SC15 with the Wireless Go II, you can record two separate channels on your iPhone or iPad.

Would you like to use the cable with the VideoMic NTG? Then you also have access to the safety channel of this microphone. The safety channel creates a second output at -20dB in case the main channel fails. Due to the two-way audio transmission, it is also possible to make video calls.

Note: this cable is not suitable for charging your Apple device or for data transfer. To ensure full compatibility with iOS devices, it is important that your microphone firmware is up to date.


RØDE is one of the largest microphone manufacturers in the world. The Australian company produces high-quality and innovative video microphones and accessories. RØDE also makes high-quality studio and live microphones.

Specifications RØDE USB-C to Apple Lightning cable

  • Connections Lightning (male), USB-C (male)Cable length 30 cm
  • Suitable for iPhone and iPad with Lightning connection
  • What can you do with it? Connect USB-C microphone to iOS device
  • Colour black
  • Material Plastic
  • Weight 6 grams
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Brand RØDE

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Brand RØDE
EAN 0698813006946
Operating system
  • iOS
Suitable for device
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Iphone
  • Ipad
Suitable for brand / model
  • Apple
  • iPad
  • iPhone
Package contents Kabel
Cable length
  • 30 cm
Type of USB cable Lightning to USB-C
Connection type
  • Apple Lightning
  • USB-C


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