Ulanzi GoPro Hero 9 & Hero 10 vlog cage plastic G9-4

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Ulanzi GoPro Hero 9 & Hero 10 vlog cage plastic G9-4

Ulanzi GoPro Hero 9 & Hero 10 vlog cage plastic G9-4

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  • Perfect for vlogging. The plastic cage protects your GoPro ánd lets you connect extra accessories. _x000D_
  • Multifunctional and very complete. Use the 1/4” thread or GoPro mount adapter to connect your GoPro to a tripod or hand grip. There are two cold shoe mounts on the cage to attach microphones or lights. Includes an extra high mount adapter so you can place your microphone hight enough to be out of view. _x000D_
  • Charge while in use. The cage comes with an extra battery lid with opening to the USB-C port. Allowing you to charge your GoPro while you’re using it. _x000D_
  • Filter mount and lens cap included. The 52mm filter mount (standard size) makes it easy to use lens filters on your GoPro. The lens cap protects your lens against scratches._x000D_
  • Strong and light. The G9-4 is made of a hard plastic and weighs only 56 grams. This makes it a lightweight cage that will protect your GoPro from damage. _x000D_


Do you enjoy using your GoPro Hero 9 or Hero 10 for vlogging? The Ulanzi Vlog Cage will be the perfect addition to your gear. The Plastic GoPro cage protects your GoPro from any damage ánd allows you to easily connect multiple accessories. 

The Ulanzi Vlog Cage is multifunctional and very complete. Easily connect your GoPro to a hand grip or tripod with the usual GoPro mount adapter or with the standard 1/4” thread. There are two cold shoe mounts on the cage so you can attach microphones, lights or other accessories. It also comes with an extra high mount adapter, so you can mount your microphone high enough to not be in front of the lens. On the bottom of the cage (removable) there is space to connect a GoPro audio adapter.

Charge your Gopro Hero 9 or 10 while filming

The cage has a 52mm filter mount ánd comes with an extra battery lid (comparable to the Ulanzi G9-2) so you can charge your GoPro while filming. Use the sliding panel on the back to securely lock your GoPro in the cage. The cage is made entirely of hard plastic.

Compatible with GoPro Hero 9 & GoPro Hero 10

The Ulanzi G9-4 Vlog Cage is only compatible with the GoPro Hero 9 Black and GoPro Hero 10 Black. Do you have a GoPro Hero 8? You can check out the Ulanzi G8-5 vlog cage. For the GoPro Hero 5, 6 & 7 you can use the vlog cage V3. 

Note: The accessories shown in the photos (tripod, microphone, light, filter e.g.) are purely for illustrative purposes and are not included when you buy the vlog cage.


Ulanzi specialises in equipment for smartphone-photographers and -videographers. Ulanzi develops phone holders, lenses, tripods, cases, lights and other accessories for smartphones, stabilizers and action cams. 

Specifications GoPro 9 & GoPro 10 vlog cage

  • Compatible with GoPro Hero9 Black, GoPro Hero10 Black
  • Material Plastic
  • Package includes GoPro cage (battery lid, removable filter mount and removable cold shoe mounts included), lens cap.
  • Colour Black
  • Dimensions 9,8 x 9,3 x 4,3 cm
  • Weight 56 grams
  • SKU Ulanzi 2318
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Brand Ulanzi

Questions about the GoPro 9 & 10 vlog cage?

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Brand Ulanzi
EAN 6972436383313
SKU U-G9-4
Mounting method
  • 1/4 "screw connection
  • Cold shoe
Package contents GoPro-cage (inclusief batterijklep, afneembare filter-mount en afneembare cold shoe-mounts), lensdop
With cold shoe mount Yes


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