Best travel tips for holidays

Beste reistips voor op vakantie
The holiday season is coming again. This is often a pleasant and relaxing period, but it can of course also be stressful. When you go on holiday you have to think about many things and take many more things into account. To ensure that you can go on holiday without any worries, we have listed a number of travel tips for you.

Travel tip #1: Use a packing list

While packing your suitcases, it sometimes happens that you forget some things. These are often not essential items, but you could happen to forget something you really needed, such as a passport or wallet. To prevent this, you can use a packing list . There are many different packing lists available on the internet, find one that suits your type of holiday. For example, a sun holiday or camping packing list. Keep this packing list with you while packing. You can even choose to print out the packing list and immediately cross off everything you pack. This way you can be sure that you don't miss anything. There will also be a lot of items on the packing list that are not relevant to you. Therefore, create your own version of the packing lists online.

#Traveltip 2: Avoid parking at the airport

When you go on holiday by plane, you will have to get to the airport somehow. This is often the fastest by car. However, parking at an airport is very expensive. It is therefore wise to prevent this if possible. You can do this, for example, by being taken to the airport by friends and family. You can make an arrangement with each other to drive each other to the airport. This saves a lot of money for both parties. In addition, there are also many parking options around the airport that are a lot cheaper and often have a shuttle bus that runs up and down to the airport.

Finally, you can also choose to use public transport. There is a train station underneath Schiphol, so you really get off in the middle of Schiphol. If you fly via Eindhoven airport, this is a little more difficult. This means your friends or family don't have to drive and it saves you a lot of money. Do you have a night flight with no train connecting properly? Then you can also choose to book a hotel at or near the airport, which is often still cheaper than parking at an airport for one or more weeks. If you fly via Eindhoven airport, this is a little more difficult. The only way to get to Eindhoven Airport by public transport is with a shuttle bus.

Bonus tip: If you go to the airport by car, take a photo of where your car is. There is a good chance that you will no longer remember this very well after 1 or 2 weeks.

#Traveltip 3: Take a Powerbank with you

When you are traveling you often use your phone, sometimes it even contains important documents, such as your train/flight tickets. This is why it is very important that your phone is charged when you are traveling. Unfortunately, you are not always able to charge your phone everywhere. That is why it is best to always take a power bank with you, just to be on the safe side. If you don't have a lot of space, you can opt for a mini power bank. These power banks can still charge your phone 1-4 times. This can be a real life saver in some situations. Do you use your laptop a lot while traveling? There are also power banks that are specifically designed to charge laptops. With these laptop power banks you can charge your laptop at least once.

#Traveltip 4: Make sure you have cash in the correct currency

Abroad, it is not always self-evident that you can use your debit card everywhere. This is why it is important that you always have cash with you in the correct currency.

Please note: Do not take too much cash with you. You are in a foreign country and therefore often an easier target for thieves.

There are many money exchange offices in the Netherlands. Here you can exchange almost any currency you need. Make sure you do this with a reliable party, so that you do not pay too high a commission.

#Traveltip 5: Bring a travel plug

Within Europe, most countries have the same type of sockets. However, this is not always the case. This is why it is always useful to take a travel plug with you. For example, in Great Britain they use different types of sockets than in the rest of Europe. Here you cannot charge your electronic devices without a travel plug. Outside Europe there will be even more differences, so it is even more important to take a travel plug with you.

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