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A ring lamp is a round lamp that ensures even distribution of light. Thanks to the spread and even lighting, less shadow is created, allowing you to beautifully illuminate a subject or face. Ring lights are suitable for portrait photography and macro photography, for example. On our website you will find various ring lamps from VIJIM and Ulanzi, among others.

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What are ring lights?

An indispensable tool for photographers, videographers, and content creators, ring lights are known for their ability to provide even and flattering lighting. These lights are equipped with LEDs or fluorescent tubes in a circular shape, making them ideal for portrait photography, video production, and even makeup application. The unique arrangement of the lights around a central point reduces harsh shadows and illuminates the subject from multiple angles, resulting in soft, natural lighting.

The importance of good video lighting

Good lighting is crucial in the world of photography and videography. It not only sets the mood and tone of the recording, but also improves the quality of the end result. Ring lights play a key role in this by providing consistent lighting that is essential for capturing high-quality images. They are especially effective at reducing shadows and brightening the face, making them a favorite among professionals and hobbyists.

What do you use a ring lamp for?

Nowadays, ring lights are especially popular for creating social media content for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, for example. However, ring lights are also constantly used in macro photography. By using a macro lens you take a lot of light away from your subject. With a ring lamp or ring flash you will not have this problem. In addition, a ring lamp is often used for portrait photography. Mainly thanks to the beautiful, even lighting, but also because of the ring-shaped reflection in the model's eyes. Finally, a ring lamp is also often used by make-up artists and beauty vloggers. Because the lamp does not cause shadows and illuminates the subject evenly, the make-up look comes into its own.

Different types of ring lights

All ring lamps in our range are LED lamps. With LED lamps you can determine the brightness of the light yourself, to determine the right amount of light in every situation. You can often also determine the color temperature. Another advantage of LED ring lamps is that an LED lamp becomes less warm. This allows you to use the ring lamp for longer. With an RGB ring lamp you can set the lamp in different colors of the rainbow so that you can create a certain atmosphere. Most ring lamps are supplied with an accompanying tripod. From a table tripod, selfie stick to a tripod with table clamp. Ring lamps are of course also available separately. You can often attach the ring lamp to your camera, phone holder or tripod with a cold shoe connection. Ring lamps have also been developed for your laptop. You can easily attach the ring lamp to your laptop with a clamp or suction cup. Ideal if you often present online, make video calls or livestream. Also view our range of laptop lamps.

Benefits of using ring lights

Using ring lights offers numerous benefits. They not only provide even lighting, but also improve the overall visual quality of photos and videos. This type of lighting is ideal for reducing shadows, improving color saturation, and accentuating details. In addition, ring lights are extremely effective at creating attractive catchlights in the eyes, contributing to more vibrant and expressive portraits.

Our ring lights

We have various ring lamps in our range. For example, we have ring lamps with a tripod, these lamps can stand alone and be adjusted in height. An example of a ring lamp with a tripod is the Ulanzi Topshot overhead ring lamp . We also have ring lamps that can be stuck on laptops or other devices, such as the VIJIM CL07 Ring Lamp .

How do you choose the right ring lamp?

There are some important considerations when choosing the right ring light. Size, light intensity, color temperature, and the ability to adjust brightness are all factors that can influence your choice. Depending on your specific needs – whether photography, videography or live streaming – it is essential to select a ring light that can deliver the desired effects.