What is USB-C?

Wat is USB-C?
USB-C is the smaller, faster and improved version of USB-C and USB-A. USB-C is slowly becoming the standard for all electronic devices. Regulations have also recently been introduced in the EU. Due to these regulations, every electronic device must be equipped with a USB-C connection from December 28, 2024. This was chosen so that there is more standardization. This means that consumers no longer need to have 5 different cables at home to charge electronic devices. Instead of 5 cables, 1 cable is in principle enough. Of course, sometimes you want to charge multiple devices at the same time, so you will have to purchase multiple USB-C cables.

Why USB-C?

Why is USB-C better than its predecessors? The USB-C has a number of aspects in which USB-C performs much better than USB-A, micro USB or lightning.

USB-C is symmetrical

A USB-C connection is symmetrical. This means that no matter how you insert the cable, you will always be able to insert it in one go. This means you will never have to turn your USB connection 4 times again before it finally goes in. This saves a lot of time when you often have to disconnect and connect your devices. In addition, this also wears out your USB port less. All that retrying and pushing from the wrong side will damage the ports. This means your devices with USB-C can also last longer.

Quick charge 3/4.0 and Power Delivery

USB-C cables support the newer fast charging functions, both Quickcharge and Power delivery. These fast charging functions can deliver up to 100W of power. This means you can also fast charge a MacBook Pro with these cables, for example. This allows you to charge both your laptop and your phone with the same modern USB-C cable. What you need to make sure is that your power adapter can supply the correct wattage. For example, the MOJOGEAR Charge + 140W edition can deliver up to 140W of power. This allows you to fast charge a phone and a laptop at the same time.

You can charge some phones up to 50% within 15 minutes. This is because these new fast charging functions use the smart chips in USB-C cables. Would you like to know the difference between Quickcharge and Power Delivery? Then read our blog on this subject.

USB-C cable and data

USB-C cables are equipped with a smart chip, this smart chip in the USB-C cable tells the device to which the cable is attached and what the cable can be used for. For example, during charging, the device knows how much load a cable can carry and the power adapter also knows how much load the device can carry. This allows for more efficient charging.

USB-C and audio

Recently, smartphones are no longer equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack. This means you can no longer connect many of your wired audio products directly to your smartphone. Some audio products are therefore now equipped with a USB-C connection. However, there are still many audio products that use a 3.5 mm audio jack. Fortunately, there are USB-C to 3.5 mm jack adapters so you can still use these products.

USB-C for Apple

Since USB-C will now become the standard for all electronic devices, this of course also applies to Apple products. This just does not apply to older Apple products. All iPhones older than the iPhone 15 will retain lightning. The newer versions of the iPad and MacBook will also be equipped with USB-C.

What is USB?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is one of the most common connections for electronics. The standard USB connection is also called USB-A. Within USB-A there are different versions that can transfer information at different speeds. Many power banks or chargers are also equipped with a USB-A connection. This is because many cables are still USB-A to USB-C or lightning. Recently, more and more cables are USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to Lightning. This is because these types of connections can also transfer data and energy faster.

USB is designed to transfer data from one device to another device. This is why the charging speed is also limited via USB-A connections. Phone batteries are getting bigger and can handle more and more watts. As a result, cables are also expected to provide more watts, so that phones and other devices can be charged faster.

In addition, the normal USB-A connection is used less and less by various devices because devices are becoming thinner. The regular USB-A connection is quite thick, so it no longer fits in a thin Mac Book, for example, which is why Mac Books will now use USB-C, which is a lot thinner, making the laptop thinner and lighter. could be.

In the past, micro USB was also widely used for charging devices. However, this is hardly used anymore. You will only encounter this with electronics that come directly from China or are a lot older.


USB-C is de nieuwe standaard aansluiting voor elektronische apparaten zoals smartphones, tablets of laptops. Het wordt gebruikt voor opladen, data over te zetten of apparaten aan te sluiten op een monitor. Met de juiste USB-C kabel laad je je smartphone en tablet snel op via snellaad protocollen USB Power Delivery en Quick Charge.

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