What to take with you to the beach: 5 Beach Essentials

Wat neem je mee naar het strand: 5 Beach Essentials
Would you like to go to the beach again soon, but you don't know what to take with you? We have drawn up a list of 5 beach essentials. Complete your day at the beach with these 5 beach essentials. We will not mention standard things, such as a beach towel or food. Use this list as a source of inspiration to enrich your beach day. Of course, you should not forget to take sunscreen with you and to actually apply it often enough.

Beach essential #1: Waterproof housing for your GoPro

During your day at the beach you naturally want to be able to take nice photos and videos in the water. This works very well with a GoPro or other action camera. Action cameras are often not waterproof. For this you need a waterproof housing. There are different types of waterproof GoPro housings. For example, you have a simple waterproof case that fits around your GoPro. This allows you to take beautiful photos and recordings up to 50m deep while you are swimming. You also have a kind of waterproof dome that can go around your GoPro. The big difference between the two cases is that the dome case floats and the plastic case does not.

Beach essential #2: Floating selfie stick or Bobber

You can use a GoPro to record your day at the beach, but a GoPro is very small and can easily be lost in the sea. And of course you don't want your GoPro to end up at the bottom of the sea. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this. There are selfie sticks and bobbers that you can attach to your GoPro. This means you can simply let go of your GoPro and it will float. In addition, the floating selfie stick and the bobber have striking colors. If you accidentally let go of the selfie stick, you will easily be able to spot it in the sea. This means you won't simply lose your GoPro anymore.

An example of a floating selfie stick is the floating selfie stick from Telesin. This selfie stick can be used to take photos and videos with unique perspectives. The selfie stick can be extended to a height of 62 cm. This allows you to take great photos and videos of yourself both above and under water.

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Beach essential #3: GoPro charging box

When you spend a long day at the beach recording a lot with your GoPro. It may happen that your GoPro runs out of power. You don't want to be unable to take underwater photos or videos halfway through your day. To prevent this, you can take a GoPro battery charging box with you. This allows you to easily charge your GoPro batteries on the go. In addition, the charging box also protects the batteries, so you can take the batteries with you on the road without any worries. An example of a charging box is the Telesin charging box. A total of 3 spare batteries fit here. So even without a power bank you can film for much longer. The charging box can fully charge your batteries within 2.5 hours. So you can take the most beautiful photos and recordings with your GoPro during your entire beach day.

Beach essential #4: GoPro diving filters

The color of the sea in the Netherlands is certainly not always bright blue. When you are filming underwater, this can cause duller and less beautiful colors. There is a simple solution for this. There are filters that you can attach to your GoPro housing. These filters ensure that your photos and recordings are colorful again. An example of these diving filters is the MOJOGEAR diving filter set. This set comes in 3 colors: pink, red and magenta. The pink filter is to give more color to your images while snorkeling, the red filter is for blue water and the magenta filter is for green water. With this set you can shoot beautiful images in almost all types of water. NB! This filter set only fits the MOJOGEAR waterproof GoPro housing.

Beach essential #5: Power bank

When you are on the beach, you still use your phone quite often. Whether you are reading an e-book or listening to music. Sometimes this can drain your phone's battery very quickly. You don't want to be without a phone on a long day at the beach. That is why a power bank is one of the handiest things to take with you on a beach day. Power banks come in many different shapes and sizes. Which power bank is best for your beach day depends on a number of things.

If you go to the beach by public transport, you don't want to take anything that is too heavy with you. Then it is best to take a small power bank with you. Suppose you just go by car and can park close to the beach, then you can take a larger power bank with you.

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