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A studio microphone is very suitable for making sound recordings with good quality sound. Very useful for recording voice or music.

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    BOYA BY-HM2 professional handheld microphone

    BOYA BY-HM2 professional handheld microphone
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    BOYA BY-PM500 USB-microfoon voor streaming, studio en podcast

    BOYA BY-PM500 USB-microfoon voor streaming, studio en podcast
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    Comica STM-USB microphone for streaming, studio and podcast

    Comica STM-USB microphone for streaming, studio and podcast

Want to buy a studio microphone?

A studio microphone is an essential part of any recording set-up. Whether you're a professional music producer, a podcast host, or an amateur musician, the right microphone can make a world of difference in the quality of your recordings. In this category, you will find a wide range of studio microphones that meet different needs and budgets.

What is a studio microphone?

A studio microphone is a microphone specifically designed for use in a studio environment. These microphones are built to record sound with high precision and clarity, making them ideal for capturing vocals, instruments, and other audio sources. Studio microphones are often more sensitive and accurate than regular microphones, meaning they can capture the finest details and nuances of sound. They are widely used in music production, podcasting, voiceovers, and other professional audio recording.

Why choose a studio microphone?

A studio microphone is specially designed to capture sound in a very detailed and accurate way. This means you can perfectly record the nuances of your voice or instrument, resulting in a clearer and more professional sound. Studio microphones provide unparalleled sound quality, essential for professional recording. They are designed to capture even the smallest details, making every note and nuance audible. In addition, these microphones are built to last and withstand intensive use.

Different types of studio microphones

Condenser microphones

Condenser microphones are the most commonly used microphones in studio recording. They are highly sensitive and can record a wide frequency range, making them ideal for capturing vocals and acoustic instruments. These microphones excel at capturing subtle details and nuances, making them perfect for vocal recordings and acoustic guitar. The BOYA BY-PM500 is an excellent condenser microphone with USB connection, ideal for studio recordings, YouTube videos, streaming, and podcasts. It offers both cardioid and omnidirectional recording modes, making it versatile.

Dynamic microphones

Dynamic microphones are rugged and can handle high sound pressure levels, making them perfect for recording loud sound sources such as drums and guitar amps. They are less sensitive than condenser microphones, but still provide excellent sound quality. These microphones are ideal for live recordings and situations where the microphone needs to be moved a lot. The BOYA BY-HM2 is a dynamic microphone that excels at recording loud sound sources such as electric guitars and drums. This microphone is particularly suitable for live performances and environments where robustness is essential.

USB microphones

USB microphones are ideal for easy use without the need for additional recording equipment. They connect directly to a computer or smartphone, making them perfect for home studios, podcasts, and streaming. The Comica STM-USB is a versatile USB microphone that comes with built-in RGB lighting and a pop filter, ideal for studio recording and podcasting. It offers plug-and-play functionality with a USB-C connection, making it very user-friendly.

What should you pay attention to when buying a studio microphone?

Frequency range

It is crucial to ensure that the microphone can pick up the full frequency range you need for your recordings. For example, a microphone with a wide frequency range is ideal for recording vocals and acoustic instruments because it can capture the subtle nuances of the sounds.


The sensitivity of the microphone plays a major role in capturing details. A more sensitive microphone can capture more detail, but can also pick up more background noise. This is important in quiet studio environments where you want to capture every nuance. A condenser microphone is ideal for these types of applications because it is very sensitive and produces a clear, detailed sound.


If you plan to take the microphone with you to different locations or live performances, ruggedness is an essential factor. A rugged microphone can handle high sound pressure levels and withstand heavy use, making it ideal for live performances and other demanding environments.


Compatibility with your recording equipment and software is also important. USB microphones are often plug-and-play, meaning they can be connected directly to your computer or smartphone without the need for additional equipment. This makes them ideal for easy and quick use.

Usage scenarios

Finally, it is important to consider how you will use the microphone. For home studios and podcasts, USB microphones are ideal because of their easy installation and ease of use. For professional studio recordings and live performances, dynamic and condenser microphones are more suitable.

Who can use a studio microphone?

Music producers

Music producers use studio microphones to ensure the highest sound quality when recording vocals and instruments. A good studio microphone like the BOYA BY-PM500 can help capture the subtle nuances and details that are essential for professional music production.


Podcasters benefit greatly from studio microphones because they deliver crisp, clear sound that is essential for a professional podcast. USB microphones like the Comica STM-USB are easy to use and require no additional recording equipment, making them ideal for beginners and experienced podcasters alike.

Voice-over artists

Voice-over artists benefit from the high sensitivity and clarity of studio microphones, allowing them to record their voices in a highly detailed manner. Condenser microphones like the BOYA BY-PM500 are perfect for these applications because they can capture even the smallest nuances of the voice.

Streamers and YouTubers

Streamers and YouTubers often use USB microphones such as the Comica STM-USB to provide their videos and live streams with professional sound quality. The plug-and-play functionality makes it easy to connect the microphone directly to a computer or smartphone.

Amateur musicians and home studio owners

Amateur musicians and home studio owners can also benefit greatly from using studio microphones. A quality microphone like the BOYA BY-HM2 can help improve home recordings, making them sound like professional recordings.

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