Zonvakantie paklijst: Wat neem je mee op vakantie?

Sun holiday packing list

Are you going on holiday to the sun again soon? To ensure that you can go on holiday without any worries, we have put together a complete packing list. This...

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Top 5 Beste powerbanks

Top 5 Best Power Banks

When you are looking for a power bank, you will see that there are many different options. This can make it difficult to find the best power bank for you....

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Festival paklijst

Festival packing list

The festival season is around the corner again. Several (weekend) festivals will take place again soon. To ensure that you have the best possible festival experience, we have put together...

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Stabiliseer je videobeelden met een gimbal

Stabilize your video images with a gimbal

Imagine: you were on an epic solo trip where you decided to capture the sunrise on a mountaintop after hours of hiking, but the combination of exhaustion and excitement resulted...

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Beste smartphone camera's voor onder €500

Best smartphone cameras for under €500

Whether you are a professional vlogger or just enjoy photography, a good camera is a must. Not everyone has space or budget for an expensive photo camera. Fortunately, smartphone cameras...

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Vloggen als een pro

Vlogging like a pro

It is a popular phenomenon: vlogging. Well-known vloggers such as Enzo Knol are the newest generation of famous people. But how do you make a good vlog? What gear do...

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Lightpainting met je smartphone

Light painting with your smartphone

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to take photos with your smartphone? Why not try out light painting? Light painting is a technique where you play with...

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