Wat geef je iemand die op reis gaat?

Wat geef je iemand die op reis gaat?
Ken je iemand die binnenkort op reis gaat? Het maakt niet uit of dit een lange wereldreis of gewoon een paar weken zonvakantie is. Er zijn een aantal cadeaus die elke reiziger kan waarderen. Sommige cadeaus zijn erg nuttig voor de reizigers, terwijl sommige simpelweg gewoon leuk zijn. Je hoeft ook niet meteen een hoop geld uit te geven, want voor een klein prijsje kan je al veel leuke of nuttige dingen kopen. Ben je zelf een reiziger, dan kan dit artikel jou eventueel helpen om handige spullen te vinden voor op reis. Natuurlijk zal deze lijst niet voor iedereen zijn, dus hou rekening met iemands eigen voorkeuren.

Travel gift #1: A power bank

One of the most annoying things that can happen to you while traveling is a dead phone. From now on, everything will be arranged via your telephone. You use your phone to take photos, to stay reachable, to call for help if necessary, and sometimes you can't even view a menu at a restaurant without your phone. This is why it is essential when you travel to have a charged phone with you. However, it is not always possible to charge your phone, especially when you are on an adventurous trip, where power is not always a given. Consider, for example, backpacking in Asia. In these types of cases, a power bank can be a real life-saver.

A power bank comes in many different sizes, when you go on a backpacking trip you probably don't want to carry a heavy power bank with you, so it is best to opt for a small power bank. It weighs little, making it easy to take the power bank with you, making it one of the best gifts for someone who is going to travel soon.

Does anyone already have a power bank? In my experience, it never hurts to take an extra power bank with you. Sometimes it can take days before you finally have access to power again. For example, you can sleep in unmanned mountain huts, where there is only a roof over your head. When you need to charge your GPS and phone, an extra power bank is certainly not an unnecessary luxury.

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Travel gift #2: Smartphone stabilizer / gimbal

Another great gift for travelers, but a pricey option, is a gimbal. A gimbal is a device that automatically stabilizes your recordings and photos with motorized axes. With a gimbal, you no longer have to worry about whether you can hold your phone steady while making beautiful videos while discovering new countries. The gimbal does this all by itself. For example, think of a very tough hike, of course you want to capture certain parts of it. However, you always have to stop walking to be able to film your surroundings beautifully. With a gimbal this is no longer necessary. Thanks to the motorized axes, the gimbal captures your movements, so that your recordings look stable even when walking on uneven terrain.

With this travel gift you will not only please the traveler but also yourself. Now you no longer have to spend hours looking at blurry photos or shaky recordings when the traveler is back home.

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Travel gift #3: Screen protector or phone case

Perhaps this is one of the simpler travel gifts on this list, but certainly not one of the less useful. When you are traveling you can sometimes find yourself on rough terrain. A phone can sometimes handle this a little less well than you can. That's why you need to protect your phone well when you travel. The best way to do this is to use both a screen protector and a phone case. If your phone falls, there is a much greater chance that your phone will survive. Of course, you don't want to be left without a phone while traveling.

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Travel gift #4: GoPro underwater accessories

When you travel to a sunny destination, you naturally want to get into the water. You might even want to go scuba diving. Ideally, you also want to take beautiful recordings and photos of this. You can use a GoPro for this, but a GoPro itself is not waterproof. You will need a waterproof housing for this. With such a waterproof housing you can take the most beautiful pictures underwater without any worries. There are housings that are waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters. This allows you to easily discover and capture deep places. There are several types of underwater housings that can keep your GoPro dry while diving.

For example, you have a simple plastic case that your GoPro fits in, making it safe in the water, but you can also opt for a dome around your GoPro. The big advantage of this is that it floats, so you don't have to worry about your GoPro ending up at the bottom of the sea. If your traveler has a GoPro, this is one of the best travel gifts you can give.

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Travel gift #5: A travel tripod

Once you've found a beautiful place, you never want to leave. Of course that is not an option. You can of course take a photo of this place, so that you can always enjoy it. To take the best photos you actually need a tripod. This ensures that you will not get blurred photos. There are different tripods, there are large tripods, but also mini tripods that easily fit in your backpack. These mini tripods are ideal for travelling. They weigh little and can be taken anywhere. With these mini tripods you can take a photo of yourself even when you are alone. Then you just need a Bluetooth remote to take the photo from a distance. You also have tripods that are also a selfie stick. This allows you to achieve two different goals with 1 product. This of course saves a lot of space in your backpack.

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