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Want to buy a gaming lamp?

A good gaming setup is not complete without the right lighting. Gaming lamps are specially made to improve your gaming space. Whether you are looking for mood lighting for long nights of gaming or light to clearly see your keyboard and mouse, you will find the perfect gaming lamp with us.

What is a gaming lamp?

A gaming lamp is a special type of lighting designed to enhance the gaming experience. These lights often offer adjustable color and brightness options, so you can tailor the ambiance of your play space to your preferences. Gaming lamps can be used in different ways, such as for mood lighting, direct lighting of your desk or as part of your streaming setup. They also help reduce eye strain and improve the overall visual quality of your gaming environment.

Why a gaming lamp?

A gaming lamp not only provides style, but is also useful. Good light helps you see better while gaming, reduces eye strain and gives your setup a sleek, modern look. With a gaming lamp you can completely adjust the atmosphere of your gaming space, which ensures a better gaming experience.

Types of gaming lamps

RGB gaming lights

RGB gaming lights let you change the color of your lighting at the touch of a button. This is perfect for gamers who want to customize their setup to suit their mood or game. The Ulanzi VL110 RGB Video Tube Light offers many colors and effects for a fun gaming experience. These lights are ideal for creating a dynamic and immersive environment. You can use them to change the atmosphere of your room for different games or to create a unique background while streaming.

Tube light

Tube lights are versatile. You can hold them, put them on a tripod or place them on your desk. They are ideal for cool lighting effects while streaming or recording games. The Ulanzi VL119 RGB Tube Light XL is a good choice for gamers who want to customize their setup with unique lighting effects. These lights can be used to illuminate wide surfaces such as walls or backdrops, creating a visually appealing and professional look during live streams or videos.

Task lighting

Task lighting is specially made to illuminate parts of your desk, such as your keyboard and mouse. These lamps are often adjustable and provide bright light, which is important for long gaming sessions. The VIJIM K10 RGB Ring Lamp with tripod and table clamp is perfect for gamers who need focused light. Task lighting ensures that you are not bothered by shadows in your workspace, allowing you to work more accurately and comfortably, especially during intense gaming sessions where every movement counts.

What should you pay attention to when buying a gaming lamp?

When choosing a gaming lamp, it is important to pay attention to several things. Think about how bright the bulb is and how much light it gives off, especially if you're using it for your keyboard and mouse. Bright light is very important for good visibility and comfort while gaming. The color settings and RGB options are also important for gamers who want to customize their setup. Lamps with many color settings, such as the Ulanzi VL110 RGB Video Tube Light, give you many options.

Also think about where you can place the lamp. Some lights, like the Ulanzi VL119 RGB Tube Light XL, can be held, placed on a tripod or placed on your desk, making them very versatile. Ease of use is also important. Some lamps have convenient control via an app or remote control, such as the VIJIM K10 RGB Ring Lamp with Tripod and Table Clamp, which is useful if you want to adjust the light often without stopping your game.

Who can use a gaming lamp?

Casual gamers

Casual gamers often use gaming lamps to give their gaming space a fun and personal atmosphere. Whether they're playing in their bedroom, living room or a dedicated gaming room, an RGB gaming light like the Ulanzi VL110 RGB Video Tube Light can change the atmosphere to suit their mood or the game they're playing. This makes gaming more fun and relaxing.

Streamers and content creators

Streamers and content creators often need professional-looking lighting for their videos and live streams. Gaming lamps such as the Ulanzi VL119 RGB Tube Light XL are ideal for creating cool lighting effects and illuminating wide surfaces such as walls or backgrounds. This helps create visually appealing and professional videos that engage viewers.


Professional e-athletes need lighting that helps them perform optimally. Task lighting, such as the VIJIM K10 RGB Ring Lamp with Tripod and Table Clamp, is essential to illuminate specific areas of the desk, such as the keyboard and mouse. This ensures that they are not affected by shadows, which improves their precision and speed during intense matches.

Working professionals

Gaming lights can also be useful for working professionals who work from home and need a well-lit workspace. A lamp such as the VIJIM LS01 Extendable Lamp Stand with Table Clamp can provide bright and focused lighting while working at the computer, improving productivity and comfort.

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