Most beautiful MTB routes in the Netherlands

Mooiste MTB-routes in Nederland

As soon as spring is around the corner, it is time to go outside and enjoy nature. One of the best ways to discover the beautiful nature of the Netherlands is of course by bike. Do you really want to go into the woods? Then it is wise to go out on a mountain bike. To help you on your way, we have put together the most beautiful MTB routes for a number of provinces.

When selecting these routes, we naturally looked at how much fun they are for cycling. Yet our main focus is on the beautiful surroundings and nature, where you can take great photos and videos. Would you like to cycle these routes yourself? All routes are in the Komoot app.

#1 Most beautiful MTB route in Gelderland: Veluwezoom

One of the most beautiful MTB routes is located near Arnhem. It is a challenging route located in the Veluwezoom. The route is very easy to reach by car or public transport. The route starts at Velperpoort train station. From here you only have to cycle a short distance to be completely surrounded by the beautiful Veluwe.

You do need excellent fitness for this route, because the route is almost 70 km long in total and has an elevation gain of 540 meters. If you would like to cycle the route, but you are not sure whether you can cycle 70 km, there are several shortcut options.

This route includes everything from steep climbs on single tracks to wide gravel paths, giving you more than enough variety while cycling. Unfortunately, there are also some asphalted sections, but fortunately not too many (9km).

The Veluwezoom is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands. Due to the large area of ​​forest, many different types of animals live here. It is almost guaranteed that you will encounter a Scottish highlander during an adventure in the Veluwezoom. You can also encounter many special plants and insects here. This makes it a perfect combination of a beautiful route and nature, so that you can shoot the most beautiful images here.

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#2 Most beautiful MTB route in North Brabant: Loonse and Drunense Duinen

If you want to go mountain biking in North Brabant, there is a place that immediately comes to mind. This is the Loonse en Drunense Duinen. In the Loonse Drunense Duinen there are 2 MTB routes that together measure around 40 km. The route can be started from several points. You can start at the 3 lime trees at Drunen, the Roestelberg at Kaatsheuvel, the Resting Hunter at Biezenmortel and there are also a lot of points where you can pick up the route in between.

The MTB route in the Loonse and Drunense Dunes is characterized by short, steep climbs and large sandy plains. This route consists almost exclusively of single track. The route also contains many sharp bends, which require good steering.

The Loonse en Drunense Duinen is a very unique nature reserve. The large sandy plains in combination with the beautiful forests can be found in few other places. This offers a unique opportunity for beautiful photos and recordings.

As long as you are prepared to push your bike every now and then because you get stuck in the loose sand, the MTB routes in the Loonse and Drunense Duinen are definitely recommended.

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#3 Most beautiful MTB route in Limburg: Drielandenpunt

One of the toughest, but also most beautiful routes in Limburg is located near Vaals. This route also goes through 3 countries, namely the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The route is accessible by public transport and by car. The route starts at the Schrouff bus station.

This route is one of the steepest mountain bike routes, the 37 km route has an elevation gain of 750 metres. This means that you will have to climb and descend a lot. There are even climbs that are above 10% for a long time. The route also mainly consists of singletrack paths and gravel paths. If cycling 37 km in the hills is just too much, there are plenty of options to shorten the route.

The hills of Limburg also provide unique opportunities to take beautiful recordings or photos. Nowhere else in the Netherlands will you find similar hills with beautiful MTB descents and climbs. In addition, you will also pass the three-country point during the route.

Are you looking for a big challenge and would you like to do something different than simply racing through the woods? Then this mountain bike route is one of the most beautiful in the Netherlands. Make sure you are in good shape, otherwise the route will be very disappointing.

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#4 Most beautiful MTB route in Utrecht: Utrechtse Heuvelrug

Of course, the Utrechtse Heuvelrug cannot be missed in a list of MTB routes. If you live in the center of the Netherlands, the Utrechtse Heuvelrug is the place for mountain biking. This route has hills up to 60m high, making for some very nice climbs. The route starts in Leersum and is easily accessible by public transport and car. The route assumes that you start at the Leersum bus stop. You can also choose to take this route at Rhenen or near Elst.

This MTB route is tough, as it is a 50 km tour with an elevation gain of 410 metres. You can choose to leave certain loops out of the route, for example the loop towards Veenendaal. The route is full of short climbs, making it a good test of your fitness. The route consists mainly of single track and has some asphalt here and there to tie the route together.

The Utrechtse Heuvelrug is the second largest forest area in the Netherlands. This nature reserve therefore offers wonderful opportunities to take the most beautiful photos and videos. You might also encounter different animals, such as deer or badgers while cycling.

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