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Our screen protectors are made of tempered glass and protect your GoPro against scratches and fall damage.

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What can you use GoPro screen protectors for?

As a content creator, you know that your GoPro camera is a valuable tool for capturing great images during your adventures. To ensure that your camera remains in top condition and your recordings are always clear and sharp, using a GoPro screen protector is essential. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of screen protectors, why they're a must-have for content creators, and how to make the right choice.

Our GoPro screen protector

We have developed a screen protector for the GoPro Hero 9 / Hero 10 / Hero 11 / Hero 12 ourselves. This screen protector for the GoPro Hero 9 / Hero 10 / Hero 11 / Hero 12 is made of tempered glass. This gives it good protection against scratches without affecting the clarity of your recordings.

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Why a GoPro Screen Protector?

  1. Protection against scratches : During adventure shooting, your GoPro may be exposed to dust, sand and rough surfaces. A screen protector protects the screen against scratches and damage, extending the lifespan of your camera.

  2. Clarity and Quality : GoPro screen protectors are designed to protect your screen without affecting the clarity or quality of your footage. You continue to enjoy sharp images and clear display.

  3. Easy Installation : Most screen protectors are easy to apply and remove, without leaving bubbles or adhesive residue.