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View our range of wireless microphone sets for almost all smartphones and cameras. We have sets with 1 channel, but also with 2 channels to interview multiple people at the same time. To ask? Please feel free to Contact us.

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What can you use a wireless microphone for?

With a wireless microphone set, you can enjoy crystal clear sound without the limitations of cables. Whether you want to give a presentation, conduct an interview or simply make voice recordings, wireless microphone sets offer the freedom and flexibility you need.

Types of wireless microphones

In our range, you can distinguish between 2 types of wireless microphones. There are pin microphones that you can attach to a piece of clothing or other material. An example of a wireless pin microphone is the Ulanzi J12 for smartphones. We also have microphones with transmitters, such as the RØDE Wireless GO II.

How do you use a wireless microphone?

A wireless microphone set is easy to install and use. It consists of a wireless transmitter and one or two receivers that communicate with each other effortlessly. Connect the receiver to a smartphone, tablet, camera or other device. Make sure you buy a set with the correct connection (Apple Lightning, USB-C or 3.5 mm).

In addition, look carefully at the range of the microphone set. Does this match the distance that will be between the transmitter(s) and receiver during your recording? This way you prevent interference or disruptions.

Other useful features to consider include adjustable frequency channels, sound level control, and long battery life.

Choose convenience, flexibility and quality with a wireless microphone set. Discover the many possibilities today and enjoy wireless freedom in your audio experience. Contact us for more information or order your wireless microphone set in the shop.