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Find a handheld microphone suitable for iPhone, Android device and computer here. Ideal for journalists, vloggers, filmmakers, musicians, podcasters and anyone who wants to record good sound.

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What can you use handheld microphones for?

At the heart of every successful recording lies a handheld microphone that delivers clarity and quality. Choosing the right microphone is crucial for capturing every nuance of your voice or instrument. Whether you record podcasts, produce music or capture live performances, there is a handheld microphone to meet your specific needs.

Why handheld microphones?

The modern handheld microphone combines advanced technology with ease of use, making them a favorite among professionals and hobbyists. With features such as multiple directional patterns, built-in pop filters and digital connectivity, you can create the perfect recording environment no matter the location.

Types of handheld microphones

At MOJOGEAR we currently have 2 handheld microphones. One is a wired handheld microphone that can be connected directly to your smartphone: BOYA BY-HM2 professional handheld microphone . The other is a handle extension that you can connect to your RØDE Wireless Go I or II: RØDE Interview GO hand holder . So this is not a microphone per se, but only a handle.

Quality recordings with handheld microphones

The choice of your handheld microphone has a direct impact on the quality of your recordings. Look for microphones that offer a wide frequency range, introduce minimal noise, and can withstand the dynamics of your performance. A good handheld microphone can mean the difference between a recording that sounds good and one that is truly exceptional.