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In addition to the convenience of being easy to carry, a housing also has a protective function against scratches, dust and (fall) damage. View our range of cages, protective covers and rigs here. Here you will find universal protection, but also housings specifically for one specific camera model. Need help? Read ourselection aid for buying a (camera) housing.

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Camera housing selection aid

What types of camera housing are there?


With a camera cage you can both protect and expand your camera setup. A cage has cold shoe connections and/or multiple 1/4" screw connections, with which you can quickly and securely attach additional accessories. For example, connect an external microphone for better sound quality or add some more light.

Cages are often designed for a specific camera such as the cage for GoPro Hero 9 & 10 in the image below. This way the cage fits perfectly on your camera. When buying a cage, make sure that the cage fits your device.

If you want to take underwater images with an action cam or other camera, you often need an underwater housing. Underwater housings are often made to protect your camera up to a certain depth underwater. So make your choice based on how deep you are going to dive and which camera you use.


With a video rig you can create stable images with an extensive set-up. A video rig is a phone holder with two handgrips and additional connection options. These connection options are often cold shoe mounts and 1/4 inch screw holes for the use of accessories such as a video light or microphone. With a rig you can film handheld easily and stably. It provides extra grip and prevents unstable images, which gives your video an unprofessional look. A rig can also be mounted on a tripod, thanks to the 1/4" screw connection.

Protective covers

A protective case protects your device against scratches and bumps. With a protective cover, your camera, laptop, tablet or phone is protected during use, but also in your bag, backpack or other storage space.

Protective covers are tailor-made for a specific model. Such as the Ulanzi iPhone 12 lens case. In addition, the Ulanzi iPhone cases have a lens mount, so you can easily attach an external lens. The covers in our range are made of sturdy material and can be attached with a click, clamp or zipper system.

Additional accessories

With a rig, cage or stabilizer, such as a gimbal, it is easy to shoot stable images. However, with the right accessories you can make it even easier for yourself. For example, use a counterweight for your gimbal (see image above) so that your gimbal always remains balanced when you use many accessories or a heavy smartphone.

Get a quick set-up and film easily handheld with a grip. A grip is ideal because you can mount a camera, GoPro and phone holder, but also a housing on it. With the right accessories such as a clamp, cold-shoe mount or phone holder, you can add the desired accessories to your housing without it getting in the way.

Which camera housing to buy?

Hopefully the above information gives you a better idea of ​​the different types of camera housings and helps you make a suitable choice. There are different types of housings: cages, rigs and protective covers. If you would like to expand and protect your camera set-up, choose a cage. Would you also like to make stable images? Then a video rig may be a better choice. Also pay attention to the camera or phone model for which the housing is made. We understand that your choice also depends on price, quality and that you are curious about the opinions of others before making a purchase. Take a look at the options and read the experiences of others with the housings in our range.