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With the right accessories you can complete your video set-up. From a cold shoe bracket, gimbal counterweight, tube clamp to a rotating tripod head with ball head. Find your favorite tripod accessory here from brands such as Ulanzi, MOJOGEAR and RØDE and get the most out of your gear.

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Types of tripod accessories

Cold shoe brackets

With a cold shoe bracket you can expand your set-up with additional accessories. Thanks to the extra connection options, you can easily add a video light or microphone to increase the quality of your video.

Tripod heads

A tripod head supports your phone or camera and attaches to the end of the tripod. There are different types of tripod heads. For example, does your tripod not have a rotating ball head? Or would you like an Acra Swiss connection instead of a 1/4" inch connection? Then a different tripod head can come in handy. Still looking for a tripod? View our range of large tripods , selfie sticks , flexible tripods and more.



If you use a smartphone gimbal and want to add an extra accessory to your setup, your gimbal often becomes unbalanced. This is due to the extra weight of the lamp, microphone or lens. With a counterweight (also called a counterweight), you can easily attach extra weight to bring the gimbal back into balance.



You can attach your smartphone, camera or tablet to various surfaces with a clamp. For example, you can easily attach a pipe clamp to a pipe, bicycle handlebars, tripod leg or to a table. With a table clamp you can attach your tripod or a flexible arm without taking up much space on your desk or table. With a cable clamp you can easily secure loose cables from your microphone or monitor.


Choosing the best tripod accessories

Hopefully the information above has given you more insights into different types of tripod accessories. The last tip we would like to give you is to always look at the independent reviews of others. In the above range of tripod accessories you can read the reviews of others.