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View our range of pin microphones (also called lavalier or tie pin microphone) here. Easy to attach to clothing: ideal for interviews, vlogs, lectures, documentaries, etc. Do you want to buy a tie clip microphone, but could use some help? In the selection aid and video. At the bottom of this page we give you an explanation about lavalier microphones.

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With a tie clip microphone you can easily make high-quality sound recordings. In the video below we explain the operation and use of a tie clip microphone. Hopefully we can help you get started when purchasing a tie clip microphone.

What is a clip on microphone used for?

clip on microphones are popular with TV presenters, journalists, actors and other professionals who regularly appear in front of the camera. They are also widely used in the film and television industries as they provide the ability to record sound from a speaker without the microphone being on screen. Thanks to their small size and discrete design, pin microphones are also useful for recording interviews, lectures, podcasts, and other situations where you want high-quality audio without the microphone getting in the way.

Type clip on microphones

There are several types of pin microphones available, including condenser and dynamic microphones. Condenser microphones are better at capturing subtle details in the sound, while dynamic microphones are better at handling high sound levels.

Sound quality

The most important aspect of any microphone is of course the sound quality. Look at the frequency response of the microphone to determine how good it is at picking up voices and other sounds. A pin microphone with a wide frequency response will likely provide better sound quality than one with a narrow response.


The sensitivity of a microphone determines how well it is able to pick up sound. If you are using the pin microphone in a location with a lot of background noise, it is important to choose one with a higher sensitivity to ensure your voice is picked up properly.

Microphone connections

Pay attention to the type of connector of the microphone. Most pin microphones have a 3.5 mm jack plug or an XLR connector. Check which connector you need to connect the microphone to your device.

Cable length and accessories

Check the length of the cable cord to make sure it is long enough for your purposes. Also see if the pin microphone comes with accessories such as cable clips, windshields, and storage cases.

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