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Presenting becomes easier and faster with the help of an autocue (teleprompter). Here you will find autocues for telephone, tablet and camera. All easy to attach to a tripod.

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What is an autocue/teleprompter

An autocue is a device that automatically runs text across a screen, allowing you to read the text while recording. This means you no longer have to remember your entire text. This saves a lot of time to record with a prompter. However, a professional teleprompter can be very expensive, so it may not be feasible for novice content creators. There are also many different autocues/teleprompters for different devices. The autocues in the MOJOGEAR range work with a mirror system. This allows you to place your device in the autocue, the mirror magnifies the letters and makes them easy to read from a distance. This allows you to focus on creating the best content with a prompter, without having to memorize entire A4 pages of text.

Why a teleprompter?

You may wonder why you need a teleprompter. You can of course just use text on a sheet or on another screen. However, the viewer will always realize this. It is noticeable if you do not look straight into the camera, but always just next to it. The nice thing about an autocue is that you can attach a camera or other device behind it. The lens is located exactly where the prompter shows text, so you can look straight into the camera while reading the text. This means the viewer will not notice that you have the text in front of you, which will provide a more pleasant viewing experience.

Types of autocues

There are a lot of different types of autocues for different devices. Within the MOJOGEAR range we have autocues specially designed for use with smartphones, such as the Ulanzi PT-15 and Ulanzi PT-16 , but also universal autocues intended for both tablets and smartphones, such as the Ulanzi RT02 .

Autocue/Teleprompter for iPads

When you are looking for an autocue for an iPad, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the autocue. The autocue contains a certain platform with a certain mirror above it that reflects the letters. If the iPad is too large for the teleprompter, the prompter will not reflect the letters properly and you will not be able to read the text properly. It may also be that the iPad simply does not fit in the teleprompter. For example, the Ulanzi RT02 can be used with tablets up to 15cm long. This means that it can be combined well with an iPad mini, for example, but not with an iPad Pro. This is why you should pay close attention to the size of your tablet when buying a teleprompter.

Autocue for telephone

The autocues in our range can be used with almost all smartphones. However, it doesn't hurt to check the dimensions. What you should pay attention to when buying a teleprompter for a telephone is the distance the teleprompter will be placed. Because you are using a phone, the screen will be a lot smaller. This means you will not be able to read the teleprompter from longer distances. In addition, outside the MOJOGEAR range, there are also prompters that are only intended for tablets, so you cannot put a phone in them.

Autocue for singers

Do you want to sing, but do you find it difficult to remember all your lyrics? Then you can of course also use an autocue. MOJOGEAR autocues can be used very easily for this. To use an autocue as a singer, you will have to use a special app on your tablet or phone. This is of course because the text speed of an autocue for singers will differ in certain parts of the song. This means you cannot use a general autocue app. You will also have to think about where you set up the teleprompter. You probably want to record your song while standing. For this purpose, the autocue must be placed at head height. For example, you could use a tripod for this. All MOJOGEAR prompters are equipped with a ¼'' screw hole, allowing them to be placed on almost tripods.

How do I use an autocue/teleprompter?

If you want to record something with an autocue you need 2 things. A device on which the text can be displayed and a recording device. The device on which a text must be displayed can be a tablet or a smartphone. The device you want to take the recording with can be a smartphone or camera. Then you have to choose an app or website where you can display the text. Suppose you want to use the teleprompter as a singer, you will need a special app for this. Otherwise you can use one of the many free autocue apps. You can then load text on this app and set a scroll speed.

Then you place the phone or tablet under the reflective mirror, turn on recording on the other device and you are ready to go!

Autocue apps

To use an autocue you will have to use an autocue app. You have to set an automatic scroll speed. Fortunately, there are many free apps in both the app store and the play store. Simply type in “autocue” app and there are thousands of options. Would you rather not download anything on your phone or tablet? There are also several teleprompters online. These are websites with the same functionality, without you having to install them. An example of this is: . This website is also completely free and very easy to use.

Do you have any further questions about an autocue or do you need advice about which autocue best suits your situation? Please contact our customer service. They are happy to help you!