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Do you want to shoot the coolest images with your GoPro? We offer various accessories to get the most out of your GoPro in every situation. Look here for accessories such as tripods, cages, battery covers and much more. Do you need help choosing suitable GoPro accessories? Consult our selection aid when buying GoPro accessories.

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Selection help for GoPro accessories

Why buy GoPro accessories?

With the help of GoPro accessories you can get the most out of your action cam in every situation. Dive into the deep end with an underwater housing or transform your GoPro into a vlogging camera with a sturdy vlogging case and tripod. Ensure that you can always continue filming with a battery cover with charging connection. The MOJOGEAR GoPro accessories ensure that you can optimally capture your adventures.

What GoPro accessories are there?

There are a lot of accessories available for the GoPro action cam. Below we describe the various accessories for the GoPro Hero 7 Black, Hero 8 Black, Hero 9 Black, Hero 10 Black and the latest Hero 11 Black.

GoPro Battery Covers

Do you want to charge your GoPro while using it? A GoPro battery door with charging port contains an opening through which you can connect a USB-C cable. Use a power bank or other power source to charge the GoPro during use.

A battery cover with cold shoe mount gives you even more options. In addition to a power source or power bank, add an extra accessory to your GoPro, such as a light or microphone.
GoPro cases & housings

Thanks to a case or housing, you protect your GoPro against scratches and bumps in every situation. With a waterproof housing, you can even use the GoPro underwater without any worries.

Do you want to transform your GoPro into a vlogging camera? With a vlog cage you can easily connect your GoPro to a handle or tripod . There are two cold shoe mounts on the cage to connect microphones, lights or other accessories.
GoPro Lens Caps
Do you want to protect your lens extra well when you are on the road or when you are not using your GoPro? Then a GoPro lens cap is ideal. Use a lens cap to protect your lens from dust and scratches.
A silicone lens cap with suction cup makes it extra easy to attach the lens cap. The sturdy material is flexible and offers good protection.
A protective cover with lens cap protects not only the lens but also the rest of the camera against scratches and bumps.
GoPro screen protectors
With a GoPro screen protector / protective glass you protect your GoPro against scratches and fall damage. Look carefully at the material of the screen protector you buy. Our screen protectors are made of tempered glass, so your GoPro can withstand a blow better. A set consists of 3 protective glasses: for the large screen at the back, the small screen at the front and the lens.
GoPro mounts

Do you want to take more stable images or mount your GoPro somewhere? With a mount you can easily and quickly attach your GoPro to a tripod or handle.

For example, do you want to be able to mount your GoPro on both a GoPro adapter and directly on a tripod?
Then a collapsible GoPro mount and base with a 1/4" screw hole is ideal. Thanks to the 1/4″ screw hole, your GoPro fits on almost any smartphone or camera tripod.
With a magnetic quick release GoPro mount you can quickly attach your GoPro anywhere. Thanks to the strong magnet and the click system, you can quickly switch from, for example, a tripod to a helmet.
We also offer the mounts as part of a complete KIT with tripod.
Batteries and chargers

If you make many and/or long recordings (in the cold), it is useful to take one or two extra batteries with you. Choose batteries with a charger or charging box so you can travel completely worry-free.

Which GoPro accessories to buy?

Hopefully, the information above has already given you a better idea of ​​the different options you have when purchasing GoPro accessories. Is your question not listed or would you like personal advice when purchasing GoPro accessories? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.