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What is a Camera Housing?

A camera case is a protective enclosure specifically designed to protect your camera from damage and improve ergonomics and functionality while photographing or filming. With housings ranging from simple protective covers to elaborate custom frames, camera housings offer a range of benefits to content creators, including protection, ergonomics and customization options.

Types of camera housings

There are many different types of cameras and therefore also many different types of housings. In the MOJOGEAR range we mainly have GoPro housings, such as the MOJOGEAR frame for GoPro . In addition to GoPro housings, we also have housings for smartphones in the form of Video rigs. Finally, we have camera housings for a number of Sony models, such as the metal camera cage for the Sony-ZV-1 .

Protection for your camera with a camera housing

Camera housings provide essential protection for your valuable camera equipment. Whether you're taking adventurous outdoor shots or creating delicate studio setups, a sturdy housing protects your camera against dust, moisture, bumps and scratches. This way you not only preserve the lifespan of your equipment, but also your peace of mind during every recording session.

Long-lasting comfort with camera housings

With ergonomically designed camera bodies, you can enjoy comfort and ease of use during long recording sessions. The right housing improves the grip and balance of your camera, reducing fatigue and allowing you to keep the focus on capturing the perfect shot. Whether you're shooting or filming, ergonomic camera bodies allow you to effortlessly bring your creative vision to life.