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Would you like to securely mount your tablet on a tripod or stand, for working from home, making video calls or watching a movie? View our diverse range of tablet holders here. For on your desk or on a tripod, with a cold shoe mount, made of metal or plastic. There is plenty of choice. Need help finding the most suitable tablet holder for you?Click here to consult the selection aid when purchasing a tablet holder.

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Why use a tablet holder?

A tablet holder can be used in many ways: for reading, while you are working or for watching a movie. A tablet holder has several advantages:
    • Place your iPad or tablet anywhere safely and securely. A tablet holder is compact and can often be folded, making it easy to take with you anywhere;
    • Create an ergonomically correct posture by positioning the tablet holder at a suitable height so that you do not have to strain your neck;
    • Use your tablet as a second screen next to your desktop or laptop;
    • Handy during video calling or watching a conference, presentation or film.

Which tablet holder do I need?

Choosing the right tablet holder can be difficult. Tablet holders come in different sizes and for different applications. There are holders for a tripod or with a table clamp and a flexible arm, but also stands for on a desk. Below we discuss some different types of tablet holders.

Tablet holder for tripod

Do you want to easily photograph, film, present or make video calls with your tablet? With a tablet holder or iPad holder for a tripod, you can quickly and securely attach your tablet to a tripod. You usually do this with a universal 1/4" screw connection at the bottom of the tablet holder. Many tablet holders also have a cold shoe mount, which allows you to connect additional accessories such as an LED lamp or microphone to the tablet holder. When recording photos or videos, you can illuminate your images extra well and create better sound.

Tablet holder for desk

Do you want to use your iPad or other tablet as a second screen while working? With a tablet holder, you can place your tablet safely and securely on your desk. A tablet holder (also called a tablet stand) for your desk is also ideal during video calling or while providing online training. Would you like to take the tablet stand with you to the office? Then choose a collapsible or foldable tablet holder.

Tablet holders with flexible arm

Would you like to securely mount your tablet without taking up space on your desk? A tablet holder with a flexible arm ensures that you can easily attach your tablet anywhere. Because you clamp the holder to your desk or table, you keep space on the table free. Ideal for video calling or streaming, but also useful for your bed, kitchen counter or windowsill.

What should I pay attention to when buying a tablet holder?

To buy a suitable tablet holder for your tablet, it is important to pay attention to a number of things:
  • Compatibility
  • Stability
  • Adjustable tablet holder


It is important that the tablet holder is suitable for your iPad or other tablet. Your tablet should not be too big or too small for the tablet holder. So make sure that your tablet meets the required dimensions. Most tablet holders in our webshop are adjustable, allowing different tablet sizes to be mounted, such as the Ulanzi U-Pad Pro. Please read the product description carefully to see what the required dimensions are and which model of tablet or iPad is suitable for a particular tablet holder.


A stable tablet holder is important for the safety of your tablet. Of course, you don't want your tablet to sustain damage. For example, rubber on the inside of the holder helps prevent scratches on your tablet. It also provides a firm grip, so that your tablet cannot shift. In addition, the material is also important for stability. Our tablet holders for a desk are made of metal, so the tablet holder stands firmly on the table without shocks and vibrations.

Adjustable tablet holder

Would you like to use your iPad or other tablet as a second screen at the office or while working from home? Also check whether the tablet holder you want is height-adjustable or combine the holder with a height-adjustable tripod. This way you can place the tablet in an ergonomically correct position. It can also be useful if you can position the tablet both horizontally and vertically on the tablet holder. For example, take a look at the rotating Ulanzi ST-20.

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Hopefully the above information will give you some help in choosing a suitable tablet holder. The last tip we would like to give you is to always look at the independent reviews of others before purchasing a tablet holder. In our range of tablet holder you can read other people's reviews of the products.