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With a tube light you can create the coolest effects in your photos. Add extra light or special effects to your images. Tube lights are also ideal forlight painting. View our range of tubelights below.

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When do you use Tube lights

If you're a content creator aiming to deliver high-quality videos and photos, video lighting is crucial. Tube lights are a secret weapon that can take your creative projects to the next level. In this blog, you will discover why Tube lights are an indispensable tool for achieving professional lighting effects.

What are Tube lights?

Tubelights are slim, tubular LED lighting fixtures that provide an even and adjustable light source. They are designed to create both natural and artificial lighting effects and are extremely versatile.

Various Tube lights

To optimally illuminate your room with RGB, you can use different tube lights. All our tube lights can be mounted on tripods. The biggest difference between the tripods is in the size of the lamps. For example, we have the Ulanzi VL119 RGB Tube Light XL. This is one of the larger tube lights in our range. But we also have smaller tube lights that are compact and easy to carry, such as the Ulanzi i-Light RGB Pocket Tube Light.

Why Are Tube Lights Important?

  1. Flexibility in Lighting: With Tube lights you can adjust the light intensity and temperature to create the desired atmosphere, from bright daylight to warm glow.

  2. Minimal Shadows: Tube lights produce soft and even light, reducing unwanted shadows, which is ideal for portrait photography and video recording.

  3. Mobility and Convenience: Thanks to their compact size and light weight, Tube lights are easy to move and use, both in the studio and on location.