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Do you want to attach your smartphone to a tripod or rig to take stable images? View our extensive range of tripod phone holders here and use the various filters to find your ideal holder. Metal or plastic, with or without cold shoe mount, rotatable or fixed, with wireless charging? Do you need help finding the right phone holder (for tripod)? Click here to consult the selection aid when purchasing a tripod telephone holder.

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What types of phone holders are there?

Phone holders come in different shapes and sizes and for different applications. Read more about the different types and what you can use them for below.

Phone holder for tripod

A tripod is ideal for taking stable images with your smartphone. To mount your smartphone you need a phone holder for the tripod. This is also called a tripod holder. MOJOGEAR focuses mainly on mobile content creators and specializes in phone holders for tripods. Later in this article we describe what you should take into account when purchasing a phone holder.

Video rigs

Do you prefer to shoot handheld images and do you want to add multiple accessories such as a microphone and LED lamp or flash? Then a video rig is ideal. A video rig is a phone holder with two handles and many connection options for accessories. There are several cold shoe mounts on a rig for attaching accessories. View MOJOGEAR's range of Video Rigs here.

Phone holders for desk

Do you want to give your smartphone a permanent place on your desk or table? A desk holder ensures that your smartphone is safe and sturdy and gives you a direct view of your screen. Very useful for working from home, video calling, presentations, gaming, cooking and much more. Many desk holders are suitable for both smartphones and tablets.

Phone holders for car/bicycle/motorcycle etc.

A phone holder is ideal to use your smartphone safely in the car, on your motorcycle or bicycle. These phone holders come in many different shapes and sizes. MOJOGEAR does not have these holders in its range. Are you looking for a phone holder for your car, bicycle or motorcycle? Then take a look at the range of phone holders from our partner Coolblue.

How do I mount my iPhone or other smartphone on a tripod?

When choosing a tripod holder, pay attention to how you want to secure your iPhone or smartphone in the holder. The most common locking methods are spring or screw. We also recommend that you look carefully at the maximum smartphone width. Many holders are universal for smartphones up to 10 centimeters wide, but that is not always the case. You should also look at the mounting of the holder on your tripod. Most tripod phone holders have a ¼ inch and/or 3/8 inch screw hole that allows you to quickly and easily attach the holder to a tripod. Another mounting method is Arca Swiss for tripods with an Arca Swiss connection.

How can I film both horizontally and vertically from a tripod?

Do you want to be able to film and photograph from different angles: horizontal, vertical or diagonal? Then choose a rotating phone holder or a phone holder with an extra ¼ inch screw hole. Attach the phone holder to your tripod or a handle and turn your smartphone in the desired direction. There are also phone holders that can both rotate and tilt. Handy if you want to be able to point your smartphone up or down. For example, take a look at the Ulanzi ST-22.

Can I mount additional accessories on a phone holder?

For the best lighting and crystal clear sound for your recordings, you can add extra accessories. This is also possible when using a telephone holder. Many tripod phone holders have one or more cold shoe mounts (also called a hot shoe mount) for adding accessories such as a microphone or lamp .

Are there phone holders with charging function?

As a vlogger or mobile content creator, you are often away from home and you do not always have a socket at hand to charge your smartphone. You also use accessories that occupy the charging port of your smartphone. The solution for this is a phone holder with wireless charging function. This way you prevent your smartphone from running out of power while filming and you can focus on making your favorite images. Examples of phone holders with wireless charging include the Ulanzi ST-13 and the Ulanzi U-Rig Wireless. Make sure that your smartphone supports wireless charging.

Choosing the best phone holder

Hopefully the above selection aid will help you choose a suitable phone holder. The last tip we would like to give you is to always look at the independent reviews of others before purchasing a phone holder. You can read the reviews of others in our range of phone holders.