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Quickly charge your phone, laptop or other device with a USB charger. Take a good look at which ports (USB / USB-C) and how many ports you need to charge your device. Also pay attention to the current for the speed.

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USB-C charger

Almost all telephones and devices now have a USB-C connection. It is practically seen as the standard. This allows you to use a USB-C charger for almost all your devices, which is why a USB-C charging cable is a must-have. Especially now that the newer versions of the iPhone also have a USB-C connection. This is due to new European regulations. From April 2026, all kinds of electrical devices must be equipped with a USB-C charger, including telephones, tablets, headphones, cameras, etc. This means that even more devices will soon have a USB-C charger.

Benefits of USB-C

Most USB-C chargers have a fast charging function. This mainly depends on the power that the USB-C charger can provide. MOJOGEAR's USB-C chargers can quickly charge all smartphones. This is because the chargers have a power of 65 watts or 140 watts. This means that your smartphone can sometimes be fully charged within 10 minutes. Most devices will not use this full power. This would even allow you to quickly charge multiple devices at the same time.

Besides the fact that you can charge faster with a USB-C charger, there are of course also other advantages. The USB-C charger is also symmetrical, so you never have to try 3 times before the charger finally fits properly.

USB-C charger for iPhone

From the iPhone 15 onwards, all iPhones will be equipped with a USB-C charger. This has been chosen so that from now on you can charge your iPhone up to 30W. This will make the new iPhones charge even faster. MOJOGEAR's USB-C chargers are also suitable for this. If you have an older iPhone, you will need a lightning connection. For example, you can use the MOJOGEAR Apple Lightning to USB-C cable . This can also be combined with the MOJOGEAR Charge + charger .

USB-C charger for laptop

Many laptops will now also be charged via USB-C. This will only increase in the near future due to the new regulations. Is your laptop charger broken and are you looking for a replacement? The MOJOGEAR chargers are also suitable for charging laptops. Do you only have 1 socket to charge multiple devices? The MOJOGEAR chargers have multiple outputs, so you can quickly charge multiple devices with 1 socket.

USB-C charger for MacBook

To charge a MacBook quickly you may need a very high wattage. For example, for the MacBook Pro 16" you need a 140w charger. This allows you to charge your MacBook up to 50% in 30 minutes. The MOJOGEAR Charge+ 140 Watt charger is ideal for this. You can also charge MacBooks that require less watts with this charger. There is NO harm in using a USB-C charger with more watts than the laptop needs. The advantage of this is that you can even quickly charge multiple devices at the same time, for example your iPhone and MacBook.

USB-C charger for HP

To quickly charge your HP business laptop, you need a maximum of 100 watts. However, this does not apply to all HP laptops. The gaming laptops require a higher wattage to charge quickly. For example, an HP Omen laptop requires a power supply of 240 watts. 100 watts is enough for all business/office laptops. The MOJOGEAR Charge+ 140 Watt charger is also suitable for this. If you're charging your HP laptop, you'll even have power to quickly charge your phone. In general, the MOJOGEAR Charge+ 140 Watt charger is suitable for all laptops. This is almost certainly not the case when there is a graphics card in the laptop. A graphics card requires a lot of power and a 140 watt charger is no longer sufficient.

The following laptop brands can also be quickly charged as long as they do not have a graphics card with our MOJOGEAR Charge + 140 watts:

  • Lenovo laptops
  • Dell laptops
  • Acer laptops
  • Samsung laptops
  • Asus laptops
  • Chromebooks
  • Almost all laptops with a USB-C connection

What should you pay attention to when buying a USB-C charger?

The most important thing to pay attention to when buying a USB-C charger is of course whether your phone or laptop/device has a USB-C connection at all. In addition, different chargers have different capacities. It is important to ensure that your charger can provide enough power so that your USB-C charger can actually charge your smartphone quickly. However, you don't have to worry about whether your device can handle the power. Modern electrical devices that are equipped with a USB-C charger can regulate the incoming power themselves, so you cannot accidentally destroy your battery.

If you have any questions about USB-C chargers. Please contact our customer service. They are happy to tell you which devices you can charge with our chargers.