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Want to buy a gaming microphone?

Whether you want to start streaming or are simply looking for a better microphone. A separate gaming microphone will improve your sound quality a lot. This is because general microphones used on gaming headsets are often very disappointing in terms of price-quality ratio. By purchasing a gaming microphone you are doing yourself and your friends a favor. It is a lot nicer to listen to.

Why a gaming microphone?

It is very important that you are clearly understood while gaming. Communication is one of the most important aspects of many games. Without good communication with a MOBA, MMO or Shooter, you are immediately behind. That's why it's important that you can be heard clearly without interruptions while gaming. A gaming microphone can help extremely well with this.

In addition, a gaming microphone will sound much clearer. This is because a standalone gaming microphone is of much better quality than a microphone on a gaming headset. This will also make it a lot nicer for your teammates to listen to.

It is also often possible to change many more settings with a gaming microphone. Sometimes there are buttons on the microphone itself, with which you can, for example, adjust the gain of your microphone. You can often mute your microphone with a simple press of a button.

Finally, you can attach a gaming microphone to a microphone arm. This gives you much more freedom in the distances to your mouth. This allows you to create many different types of effects by simply reducing or increasing the distance.

Various gaming microphones

You can use almost any decent microphone as a gaming microphone. However, an official gaming microphone often has slightly more functionalities than a normal microphone, such as some RGB or a quick mute button. You often pay extra for this, while a regular microphone would also be suitable.

Gaming directional microphones

A gaming directional microphone is a longer, thin microphone. This microphone picks up less ambient noise. This is because a gaming directional microphone only picks up the sound at which the microphone is aimed. This makes it very nice in a room with more ambient noise. This can also be very nice if, for example, you are gaming with several people in a room at the same time. Then the recording or people you are talking to online will be less affected by this.

Open gaming microphones

You also have gaming microphones that pick up sound from all sides. This is ideal if you move around a lot and adopt different postures while gaming. In addition, it can also easily be used when you are gaming with several people in one room and the intention is to also pick up the sound of others. These microphones can also be used as a meeting microphone or podcast microphone.

Lavalier gaming microphone

Another option is to use a lavalier gaming microphone. A lavalier microphone is a pin microphone. You can attach this to your shirt or somewhere else with a handy clip. The handy thing about this is that you don't have to put it anywhere. This gives you more space on your desk. For example, you can easily attach the microphone to the cable of your headphones. As a result, it will sit in approximately the same place as a normal gaming headset, but the sound quality of the microphone will be a lot better.

Wireless gaming microphone

You can also use a wireless microphone setup while gaming. The big advantage of this is that it has no cable. This allows you to move around freely while using the microphone, which you can often attach to something such as a shirt or cable with a clip. The major disadvantage of a wireless gaming microphone is of course that it has a limited battery life. When you have a longer gaming or streaming session, a wireless microphone will not always be able to keep up the full performance.

Gaming microphone on a stand

Many gaming microphones come on a stand. In addition, many gaming microphones also have a standard ¼'' screw connection, with which you can easily attach the microphone to a microphone stand or stand. The nice thing about this is that you don't have to purchase anything extra before you can use your microphone, or you only have to make a small investment for a decent stand for your gaming microphone. The disadvantage, however, is that this takes up a lot of space on your desk. Suppose you have a relatively small desk, an extra microphone stand will not always fit on it.

Gaming microphone on a microphone arm

Because most microphones have a standard ¼'' screw connection, you can also easily attach them to a microphone arm. A microphone arm ensures that you can easily change the position of the gaming microphone. This is ideal when you are doing different types of activities. For example, when you are streaming you want the microphone relatively close to your mouth, as this creates a warmer, deeper voice. When you're just gaming with your buddies, the microphone doesn't have to be so close to your mouth, so you can easily move it.