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View our range of cables to charge your smartphone, connect it to a PC, etc. Choose the right cable for your smartphone. Most cables are available in two lengths (150 cm and 300 cm). Order the cable separately, in DUOPACK or per 5 pieces.

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Which cable do I need for my smartphone or tablet?

Phone charging cables are available with different connections such as Apple Lightning, USB-C, USB and Micro-USB. To purchase the right charging cable, it is important to know which port your phone has. If necessary, consult the manual, store or manufacturer. Apple Lightning is the standard connection for the iPhone and iPad. A USB-C connection is common for Android smartphones and tablets. Some older models have a Micro-USB connection. The telephone cables at MOJOGEAR are 150 cm long, which is slightly longer than normal. In addition, most cables also have a 300 cm variant.

Types of telephone cables

At MOJOGEAR we have cables for almost all smartphones. Below we describe the different types.
Apple Lightning to USB cable
An Apple Lightning to USB cable only works on Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad and Airpods. At the other end (right in the image) is a USB connector that you can plug into an adapter/power adapter or a laptop/PC. Make sure that the Lightning cable you buy contains an original Apple chip. This way you can charge your device safely. The MOJOGEAR Lightning cables contain an original Apple chip.
Apple Lightning to USB-C cable
Do you want to quickly charge an iPhone 8 or newer, iPad or Airpods via USB Power Delivery? Then you need a Lightning to USB-C cable . Connect the cable to the USB-C port of a power bank or a USB-C power adapter of 18 Watts or more. With this cable you can also connect your phone to the USB-C port of a MacBook or computer.
USB-C to USB cable
Most new phones from Samsung, Huawei, Sony and OnePlus and the latest iPad Pro models can be charged with a USB-C to USB cable . A USB-C cable is ideal for charging your USB-C device quickly and safely. On the further side of the cable there is a USB connector (right in photo), which you can connect to a power block, power bank or USB port in your computer. The MOJOGEAR USB-C to USB cables support fast charging up to 4A (for Quickcharge, Oppo VOOC and OnePlus Fast Charging).
USB-C to USB-C cable
Does your smartphone and the power bank, power bank or computer with which you want to charge your phone have a USB-C connection? Then a USB-C to USB-C cable is what you are looking for. These cables work with newer phones from Samsung, Huawei, and OnePlus, as well as other devices with a USB-C port, including the iPad Pro, MacBook, and other laptops. The MOJOGEAR USB-C to USB-C cables support extra fast charging up to 100W (5A/20V). This means you can charge your device very quickly with the right adapter or power bank. In addition, the cables are suitable for extra fast data transfer via USB 3.1 up to 10 Gbit/s.

What is the ideal length of a charging cable?

Think carefully in advance what you are going to use the cable for. A 3-meter cable may be useful if you want to continue using your phone while lying on the couch. A 1.5 meter cable is a more suitable length for in the car or if you want to transfer data from your laptop to your phone, for example. Therefore, consider what you need the cable for to choose the ideal length.

Buy the right smartphone cable

Hopefully the above information gives you a better idea of ​​the different telephone cables and helps you make a choice. Our telephone cables are also available in a duo pack or value pack. Take a look at the options and read other people's experiences with the telephone cables in our range.