3 tips for smartphone photography in cold weather

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The coldest days of the year have approached. How do you make sure that your smartphone is winterproof when you go out shooting? The cold weather will not hold you back with these three tips. Read along so you can keep on shooting beautiful images during winter.

  1. Take a power bank with you
  2. Bring a heat pack
  3. Protect your smartphone and yourself from the cold

Take a power bank with you

Your smartphone isn’t the biggest fan of cold weather. Due to the cold weather, your battery will run out of juice sooner than you might expect. It can even completely shut off. Therefore, you will have to take a power bank with you to charge your smartphone at any time. Make sure to store the power bank in a warm place, in a bag or backpack for example to protect the power bank from the cold.

Do you want to be fully prepared for your trip? Then you should take a power bank with a fast charging function with you. You will be able to charge your phone in no time when it shuts off.

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Bring a heat pack

Heat packs are not only nice to warm up your cold hands, they can also help your battery last longer in the cold. A heat pack is a bag with gel, which is heated by clicking a kind of coin. This makes the substance hard and warm. Stick the heat pack on your smartphone (or camera) or store the heat pack close to your smartphone.

Heat packs can be used several times. Throw your heat pack in boiling water after use. The heat pack will melt and then cool down.

Protect your smartphone and yourself from the cold

Make sure you protect your smartphone well against the cold to prevent your battery from draining, having condensation on your lens or even causing damage to your phone. Protect your equipment against rain or snow with a water-resistant bag, a phone case and screen protector.

It is also very important to protect yourself from the cold. Not only so you will be able to make the most beautiful winter pictures, but most importantly, to be safe. Wear warm clothing such as a thermal shirt, gloves and a hat. Make sure to get yourself a pair of touchscreen glove so you can keep your gloves on while shooting.

Don't have touchscreen gloves? A Bluetooth Remote Shutter is another great solution. Connect the remote shutter to your smartphone to control your camera without touching your smartphone. You can make it yourself even easier by using a tripod. Set up your shot and use the Bluetooth Remote Shutter to snap beautiful winter images.

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Hopefully the following tips will ensure that you can shoot in cold conditions. Do you have any questions about taking photos and videos in the cold? We are happy to help.

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