4 tips to shoot outdoor adventure videos

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A breath-taking hike, a cool mountain bike ride or skiing down a tricky slope: these are all cool moment to capture on camera. These videos are fun to share on your social media or with your friends and family, but they are also cool memories of your adventures to look back on later.

How do you make sure that you capture your adventures as good as possible? We have some tips for you to do so. This way you can prepare yourself and enjoy your adventures, while your camera does the rest of the work and capture it all.

  1. Find a unique perspective
  2. Choose your gear carefully
  3. Take enough power with you
  4. Don't make your videos too long

Find a unique perspective

Try to find a different perspective and switch it up to create a cool action video. It will give you unique, spectacular footage that makes your video stand out.

Are you filming with a GoPro? Mount it on a tripod, on your helmet or on your chest to get a cool perspective. Are you a real dare devil? Mount your GoPro on your surfboard or snowboard. Get creative and think outside of the box!

Want to create a drone-like perspective? Mount your smartphone, camera or GoPro on an extra-long selfie stick. The long stick allows you to capture more of the environment during your hike and even make drone-like images.

Choose your gear carefully

Before you head off on your adventure, think about the equipment you will actually need and use. Whether you're going to climb a mountain or take a long bike ride, you don't want to be limited by your gear. Make sure to not bring too much and pack lightweight equipment. You’ll probably also want to be able to access your equipment easily. An overloaded bag with unnecessary gear is therefore only an inconvenience.

First, think about the kind of camera you are taking with you. Are you going to shoot with your smartphone, an action cam or a compact camera? Then you should consider the accessories you are going to need. For a hike, this might be a selfie stick, tripod and an extra lens. For skiing, a screen protector and waterproof housing is a must-take to protect your GoPro from the snow.

In the mountains or on the slopes, the weather can change in a split second. That’s why taking a water-repellent bag is recommended when shooting outdoors. For example, the WiWu Alpha Crossbody for example, is a convenient water-repellent which is perfect for your outdoor adventures.


Take enough power with you

You don't want your battery to run out of juice when you are in the middle of a challenging hike. That’s why you should always have a power bank with you to make sure you can charge your smartphone in case of an emergency. Want to know which power bank is best for you? Check out our collection of power banks here

Shooting with a GoPro? Taking an extra battery is recommended so you can keep on shooting. You can also charge your GoPro while using it with a battery clip and power bank. The battery clip has an opening so you can connect a USB-C cable to your GoPro while shooting.

Don't make your videos too long

You probably made a lot of beautiful shots of your outdoor adventure. You can edit your footage into a cool video, but make sure to keep your video short.

A video of no more than 2 to 3 minutes is ideal. This way, the video does not become tedious and it remains fun to watch. Do you want to share your footage on social media? Go for an even shorter video of no more than 30 seconds to keep your audience entertained.

You can edit your footage via your smartphone on apps such as VN Video Editor (for Android and iOS) and iMovie (for iOS). Already have editing experience? Then we recommend using LumaFusion (for iOS and macOS) or desktop apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

You will shoot the coolest outdoor videos with these tips. Want to know more or do you have any questions for us regarding gear or shooting videos? Please reach out to us, we are happy to help!

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